About us

About Us


Holiday Mania is a Destination Management Company providing expert tours and treks services in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. We specialize in cultural tours, multi-day treks, day hikes and customized experiences based on your personal preference and budget. Our tour packages include handpicked hotels and accommodation to suit your budget and style, privately guided tours, treks or safaris with local expert guides, ground transportation including airport transfers, overland drives, internal flights and scenic Everest flights.

Whether you an individual, couple, family traveling with children, a group of friends, we can help to create your ultimate vacation to the exotic Himalayas! 

Our team of destination experts and licensed guides are focused on delivering high quality services and passionate about sharing our unique cultures with you. Because we are natives from the Himalayas and veterans in the tourism industry, we can help you with expert advice on planning a trip and how to experience our countries. We also pride ourselves with being very responsive from the first point contact till the end of your tour. Throughout your tours, our local offices provide 24/7 support services and assist you with any unforeseen circumstances.

Holiday Mania is also focused on promoting sustainable and responsible tourism in the Himalayas. We believe tourism can truly make a difference for our local communities and we want to support them in the most possible responsible way. Many of our tours are focused on community based tourism, and so, many of our design team building activities for groups and students involve rural areas where they can interact with local villages.  


Holiday Mania was started in 2016 by Gopi Chandra Bhusal, a Himalayan destination expert based in Kathmandu City. As a seasoned solo backpacker around the world, Gopi has pursed travel throughout his adult life. Armed with a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Travel and Tourism Management, as well as a Master’s in Sociology and Anthropology, Gopi also held various positions with leading tour companies in Nepal for over a decade. He traveled extensively throughout the Himalayan regions and have trekked the famous trails around the Annapurna and Everest regions. His backpacking trips around Europe and Asia connects him with cultures from all the world and he enjoys sharing interesting insights about his native country to fellow explorers. Do ask Gopi for his secret places to go for best local food and drinks in Kathmandu!